BAC SM/SE Anglais



Profils : Sciences Mathématiques / Sciences Expérimentales
Epreuve de : Anglais
Coefficient : 3
Durée : 3 heures


1. Rearrange these jumbled sentences to reconstitute the original paragraph. Write the letters against the numbers (2pts)


A. It is made of 2,4 million block of a one     B. The pyramid is 147 meter high. It took 23 year to build. C. His tombe is the Great Pyramid of cheops at Giza    D. Each stone weighs about 2.3 tones.                    E. Mikerinos was a pharao of Egypt who died in 165 BC.

II. Complete the following sentences (1pts)

1. If I were the president of Guinea, 1 (to build) ___________________________________________ 2. If I (to be) __________the minister of Education, I would have changed the education system in Guinea.

Write a logical question for each of the following answers: (2,5pts)

1. Fatou created her NGO in 2005_______________________________________________________

2. He had this car for 2 years___________________________________________________________

3. Akoi has been to Dakar 3 times_______________________________________________________

 4. Students should respect their teachers________________________________________________

5. No,l didn't bring that pen with me.____________________________________________________

Use the WH words/ who, what, why, where, which, when, how) 2 pts

1. ______tall is your sister?                      3. ________Did you go to France? Last year?

2. _______are you late? Because my mother send me to the market.  4. ____color does she like? The blue one

Transform the sentences into tenses indicated in the parentheses. (3pts)

1. We suggest that you bring that pen back(Past


2. Aminata is going to invite all of us. (simple present). ______________________________________

3. He didn't accept our last proposals. (Past Perfect). _______________________________________

4. You will suffer because of your behavior. (Present Progressive). ____________________________

5. It would have been a good thing for you. (Simple Future). _________________________________

6. Messi has scored more than 50 goals in champions leagues[ST1] . (Simple Past).______________________________________________________________________________

Use the comparative and the superlative forms of the adjectives in the parenthesis to complete these sentences 2pts.

1. Marie is ____________than Issa. (intelligent) 3. Penda is _____________than her brother.  (Police)

2. Djenab and I were ____________than them (strong) 4. She was _________than her sister. (Shy)

5. Niger is the ________river in west africa. (Long) 6. Dancing is ______________and _________than playing tenis, (exciting/funny) 7. China is the first _______________country in the world.(Populated) 8. Fode's school is ________________________than Aly's school (good), but Elie's school is the___________ one. (Good).

Write a statement for the following tags. 2pts

1. ___________________________, does she? 3. _______________________________, have they? 2. ___________________________________, weren't you 4. ________________________would he? Write the passive of the following active sentences: 2pts

1. I will write many letters him. ________________________________________________________

2. She keeps her kids at home every day. _________________________________________________

3. You bought a gift for her birthday. ____________________________________________________

4. He told us the story about the Titanic. _________________________________________________

Use the back of this sheet (le verso) to write a paragraph about your activities at the age of nine 3pts

Start like this:

When I was nine, I…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………...

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