BAC SS Anglais



Profils : Sciences Sociales
Epreuve de : Anglais
Coefficient : 3
Durée : 3 heures


Use the words in the box to fill in the gaps in the story. The read the completed text and answer the questions below. 4pts

Refused enjoying dissatisfied can birds sat day tortoise

The tortoise and the Eagle

A long time ago, tortoise _______on the dusty ground and watched the birds flying in the air overhead. He began to get ________________with his life on the ground when he saw how much the birds were ___________themselves singing and flying in the blue skies above. "If only I could climb up into the air, I'm sure I could fly as well as _____________"Не thought about the problem all : the sun was shining and he got hotter and hotter as he jealously watched the birds. Flying in the sky. Suddenly a huge eagle came to rest nearby and the tortoise asked him to take him up into the sky and teach to fly.

The eagle ___________________at first but finally agreed to try. He took the _____________up into the air and then dropped it by saving, "There. Now fly if you_____________" Of course the tortoise fell to the ground and broke into pieces.

The ambitious destroy themselves: Be happy with who you are.

1) Answer these questions 2pts

Why was the tortoise dissatisfied with his life? ____________________________________________

What did the want from the eagles? ____________________________________________________

Where did the eagle take him? _________________________________________________________

How did he break into pieces? _________________________________________________________


2) What do you think of this saying? "Be happy with who you are ". Use the back to write your opinion in 30 words or more 3 pts

3) Write one active tense sentence from the text on the back of this paper and change it into the passive tense 1pts

Complete the dialogue with the words in parentheses. Use the present perfect 4 pts

Example: A (you , eat, ever) Have you ever eaten seaweed ? B: No, I haven't... I (eat, never)'ve never eaten seaweed.

a-       A: (you , stay, ever) ________________________________________________at a big hotel ?

B: Yes, I _______________________, I (stay)__________________ at a big hotel lost of times

b-      A: (you, meet,ever)_________________________________________________a movie star ? B: No, I __________________________. l(meet , never)___________________a movie star ?

c-       A: (Rose, visit, ever) ____________________________________________you at your house? B: Yes, she ______________________She (visit)_______________________me lots of times.

d-      A: (Bouba,be, ever)___________________________________________________in Nigeria? B: No, he ____________________. He (be, never) __________________________in Nigeria? C: He (be, not) ____________________________________in any English speaking countries.

Choose the best completion. Circle A, B, C or D as the example below. (3pts)

Example: I was watching TV, I heard knock on the door. When I heard the knock on the door, I ____it

A. Open                             B. am opening                             C. Opened                             D. Was Opened

1- When ___________you talk to Jane?   B. are   C.did   D. were

______TV when Aicha cailed last night. We talked for an hour. A. watch B. watched C. was watching D. am watching

2- Sale is in her bedroom right now. She _____, so we need to be quiet. A. is sleeping B. Sleeps. C. slept D. was sleeping

______tell us truth yesterday. He lied to us. A. don't, B. desn't C. didn't D. wasn't

3- I saw a fish while I _________in the ocean yesterday. A. swim B. was swimming C. were wimming D. swimming

______you go to concert often? Yes, I go at last once a month. A. do B. did C. was D. were

Write a statement of these tag questions. Use the back of this paper to write each statement. (3pts)

1- _________________haven't they? 2- ____________________Do I? 3-______________Were you? 4- ____________wouldn't they 5- __________will we? ___________________6- ___________________Does he ?

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