BAC SS Anglais



Profils : Sciences Sociales
Epreuve de : Anglais
Coefficient : 3
Durée : 3 heures


I.                    Write a logical question for each of the following answers (3pts)

No, he has never been to south Africa. ________________________________________

Maria has had this car for two years. __________________________________________

Akoi has been to Dakar three times. ___________________________________________

Students should respect their teachers. ________________________________________

Yes, I brought that bag with me. ______________________________________________

My wife and I both teach English. _____________________________________________

II.                  Choose sentences from the list below and put them into a clear order. There are 2 paragraphs and eight sentences each paragraph. The topics are: "working women-a bad Idea" and "working-a good idea" (4pts)

a.         It is bad for women to work outside the home                                        i. All the people in the family help each other.

b.         Working women have too much freedom                                                J. Children and husbands learn to do housework;

c.         It is healthy for women to work outside the home                                 k. Working women don't need their husbands a anymore;                                                                                                                                                        

d.         Working women are interesting people                                                    l. the love their jobs more than they love their husbands.

e.         They have new ideas to share with their families                                   m. If the husband is sick or out of work, the wife can earn money for the family

f.          The extra money makes life better.                                                           n. Families are safer when women work.

g.         They forget the needs of their families                                                     o. It is better for women to stay at home.

h.         The house becomes dirty, and lunch is always late

Paragraph 1: "Working Women-A bad Idea"


Paragraph 2:"Working Women - A good Idea"



III.                What do you think of this statements write your refection on the back of this sheet in 100 words (4pts)

"countries develop faster if more women and girls go to school”

IV.                Use the words and phrases below to write correct sentences. (4pts)


As well as_______________________________________________________________________




So that_________________________________________________________________________



V.                  Change these Passive tense sentences into the active tense (3pts)

Boubacar is helped by teacher. _____________________________________________________

This house was built in 2001 by Kaba_________________________________________________

She will be helped by the teacher ___________________________________________________

Fofana is going to be helped by him. _________________________________________________

We have beeb helped hy Ismael_____________________________________________________

Barry and Souaré had been taught by Mr. Diallo________________________________________

VI.                Identify the TENSE for each sentence below. Use the space provided to write P for Present, F Future, SP (Simple Past), PP (Present Perfect) , PPt (Past Perfect I, PV (Passive Voicel, C (conditional), and I (Imperative). number 1 is an example (2pts)


1.         Assie went to go Gaoual last week_____                        6. The Titanic had sank when the boat arrived______  

2.         A car will be owned by her____________                      7. Go and sit on that chair next to Doumbouya______

3.         Diaby and Naité go to university_______                       8. If I were Abou, I wouldn't I wouldn't miss class_____

4.         Elizabeth has never been to USA_____                           9. All the students weren't dancing in the club____________

5.         She will go there after her study_____

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