Sujet du BAC SM/SE Anglais



Profils : Sciences Mathématiques / Sciences Expérimentales
Epreuve de : Anglais
Coefficient : 2
Durée : 2 heures


1. The sentences of the story are not in the right order. Read them carefully and put the letters (A,B,C,D,E) in the correct order to reconstitue the whole story.


A) Aminata was only 2 years old and needed a lot of care and attention. Mariama loved to take care of her.

B) It was very unfortunate that Papi didn't help Mariama because he could learn a lot from working hard. He could learn to appreciate his sister and mother who did almost all of the difficult physical work for the home

C) There was a twelve year old girl named Mariama in a village called kalékalé which is a district of Boffa, in Lower Guinea . Mariama worked very hard.

D) Mariama and Aminata had a brother, Papi, who was 8 years old. In the house he was not like Mariama. He did nothing at home because he was very lazy, he didn't like to work.

E) She cleaned the bathroom, washed the dishes and clothes, swept the floor and the compound and also cooked not only did she cook. But Mariama also fetched water and took care for her baby sister, Aminata.

II. Identify the one underlined word or (A) (B) (C) or (D) that must be changed for the sentence to be corret. Write your answer in the blank. Sentence I is an example. (A) must be changed for the sentence to be correct.

  1. The elephant population it has declined rapidly because many of the animals are killed each year                                                             A                       B                            C                                    D
  2. Suppose we had had 2 million dollard US, how could we have been my friend ?                                                    A                  B                                                 C                         D
  3. If I had driven slowly, I wouldn't have hit the other car coming from that away.                                                    A                                                    B                      C                             D
  4. When the ship hit the iceberg, it had already received six ice warning ?                                                                                     Á                              B                            C                          D
  5. Yes, I'll have the Senegalese repair my shoes                                                                                                                          A                                     B                  C
  6. The trouble start when Mrs. Elisabeth Maguire was driving her car on a mountainroad                               Α                         B                                                                     С                                        D

III. Write a question corresponding to each of the following answers.

  1. Fodé is solder than Amadou_______________________________________________________________
  2. They ate their diner at 19:00 yesterday______________________________________________________
  3. She went to the church this morning________________________________________________________ 
  4. Eiffel tower in Paris is more than 300m______________________________________________________ 
  5. Yes, Foulé would have lived in Sonfonia_____________________________________________________ 

IV. Which of the following sentences is in the present continuous, the simple past, the present perfet, the past perfect, the passive and the conditional. Use the blank to write your answer after each sentence :

Mamadou went to labé last week._______________________________________________________________

Aminata had seen students doing their exams.____________________________________________________ 

Bouba is sitting in the classroom._______________________________________________________________ 

Foulé would have lived in Sonfonia if she._________________________________________________________

Aminata has seen students doing ther exams._____________________________________________________ 

My car was bought by my sister.________________________________________________________________

NB : Cette version est une version transcrite des extraits de l’originale. Elle peut donc contenir des erreurs de frappe, d’orthographe ou de données. Prière de nous faire parvenir toutes erreurs à l’adresse suivante :

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